Fundraise with our donate button

Install the donate button to your website and start receiving one-time and recurring donations

Fundraise with our donate button

Install the donate button to your website and start receiving one-time and recurring donations

Get recurring donations for your social project or organization

Customize your donate button

Install it on your website

Start receiving recurring donations in a fast and easy way

Why install the donate button?

Completely free

It costs nothing to install it on your website

Easy to install

You just need to copy the code snippet

Increase donations

Get more donations directly through your website

Social websites

Designed for NGOs, social projects and personal causes

Safety first

Safe and secure with PCI Level 1 and SSL compliant

Adjustable button

Configurable and adaptable to any website style

Custom donation frequency

Receive one-time and recurring donations directly to your website

Personalized support

Easy to install, we wil give you all the support

How do I configure my donate button?

1. Create new button

Select your country and language of the button. Type a name to identify your button and optionally give us your phone number to get personalized support.

2. Customize button form

Design and adapt the button to your website, customizing its text, color, donation frequency and other configurations.

3. Configure your Bank Account

Our payment processor Stripe provides the technical, fraud prevention and banking infrastructure necessary to operate online payment systems. Stripe’s platform meets the highest certification standards.

Set your Stripe Account to start receiving secure payments.

4. Install the code on your website

Install the generated code snippet on your website. We will assist you with this process if needed.

Make the difference

This is the one and only button in the European market that enables organizations and projects get donations directly to its website.

Paypal Kreatings
Create widgets
Custom donation frequency
Custom donation amount
Custom logo
Custom text
Custom colors

How much does the donate button cost?

Installing cost
Processing fee
1,4% + 0,25€ for European cards
Service fee
Price per user

Many organizations already rely on the donate button


How does donate button work?

Installing the donate button donors that get into your website will be able to donate to your project or NGO directly clicking on the button. They will also be able to choose if they want to donate once or to make recurrent donations.

How do I install the donate button to my website?

Click on “configure your button” and follow its instructions. If any doubt you can check the “How do I configure my donate button” section which clearly explains the step by step of the process. If any doubt, do not hesitate to contact us.

How does my organization withdraw our funds?

Organizations receive payouts to their configured Stripe account. Withdrawals from money donated are automatically sent. Once withdrawals are set up transfers will take on average 14 business days to reach the bank account.

Who can install the donate button?

Anyone with a website that pursues a social goal can install the donate button.

How can I personalize my donate button?

During the process of installing the button you will specifically find steps to personalize it. Make sure to choose the button text, color, custom donation frequency and other configurations.

You still have any question? We will be pleased to support you